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NOA HARAN is a singer and a composer. Since the age of ten, Noa has performed in various choirs and ensembles, including Kol Shishi Vocal Ensemble of which she was a founding member.   She is currently a member of ABRA as well as a soloist. Noa has been engaged in musical composition and arrangement since the age of Sixteen. Her works have been recorded and broadcasted on the radio, including a chamber piece and various choral arrangements. She is also a vocal coach, music teacher and a conductor of vocal ensembles.  

YIFEAT ZIV is a vocalist, composer and arranger. A leading participant of The Hazelnuts – a Post Doo-Wop vocal group, who released their debut EP on April 2014 and are performing in Israel and abroad. Yifeat composes contemporary vocal and instrumental music and arranges for various ensembles. Composed original music for "My Mother's Courage" – a full-length fringe play performed between 2012-14 at Tmuna Theater, Tel-Aviv. 

FAYE SHAPIRO is a singer and composer working in Israel and abroad. Her works range from inclusive, text-based processes, performed by singers and non-singers alike, through instrumental improvisation structures to electronic pieces incorporating space and memory. She oftens collaborates with dancers, visual and theatre artists. Faye founded and leads NEHAROT, a free-singing ensemble for women. She curates the Wire Tapping experimental music and performance series at the Barbur Gallery and is currently working on her first recording of original songs. visit her website.

CHANAN BEN SIMON is a singer and a composer. He is about to release his Debut album at Anova studios, produced by Rea Mochiach (this spring) and currently collaborating with the ensemble Strings Attached. Chanan composes contemporary concert music for various acoustic instruments as well as experimental vocal pieces.



(Portraits by Maya Baran)